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Alex and Justin were one of those couple that had to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic but in the end it was so worth it!

I shot their friends’ wedding Natalia and Paolo a few months before and when they saw the images they knew they wanted to meet me. We decided to do so during the fall 2019. We met at La Finca café in the old port of Montreal . We clicked right away. I loved their energy and as they started talking about their wedding, I really got excited.

Fast forward, they were supposed to get married in 26th July 2020 but because of the pandemic and having family from Europe and the United States, they decided to postpone.

They finally get married the 6th November 2020 by a beautiful and sunny day at the Plaza Rive Sud, La prairie. The weather was perfect, not too cold and we managed to get beautiful photos outside.

They had a beautiful orthodox ceremony with a nice arch and beautiful gold crowns. We ten, did the couple photos followed by a nice cocktail.

I knew Alexandra and Justin were eccentrics but little did I knew their families were too! It resulted in fantastic dances with the parents and a beautiful choreographed first dance. Everybody had so much fun and it was really nice to see people happy and celebrating after this pandemic.

Alexandra’s family is romanian and they have this tradition where the bride gets kidnapped during the night by family members. The groom then had to negotiate in order to get his bride back. I have to say they negotiated pretty well since they managed to get her a striptease from Justin among other things. As you can see she really appreciated it and they had both fun with it!

The highlight of the day might have been the surprise they had for their guests. They invited brazilian dancers to do a show and then teach some moves to their friends and family.

This wedding was such a highlight in my season. It was my last wedding but it was by far the best I had during this season!

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