Orchid Inspiration shoot


Inspired by the delicate orchid, nature, and the art of slow living, this shoot is bound to make you swoon over this graceful flower. Coordinated by the fabulous Kerlidy, these timeless tops and skirts from Robelie perfectly capture the feminine and romantic essence of orchids. It’s an ideal inspiration for brides craving an out-of-the-ordinary yet refined and elegant look.

Now, let me share a little secret: I’m a huge orchid enthusiast! After discovering that I could not only keep them alive but also make them bloom repeatedly, my love for these stunning flowers blossomed. So, when Kerlidy asked if I was game to shoot a bouquet of orchids, I was thrilled!

We chose the breathtaking Cathedral, Mary Queen of the World, one of Montreal’s most exquisite churches, as our first location. We found a cozy corner to shoot, ensuring we didn’t disturb anyone. Though our time there was brief, it was absolutely worth it.

Next, we ventured to Square Victoria, where we found a charming green wall that perfectly matched our organic, natural, and simple vibe. It was the ideal backdrop to showcase the stunning Robelie top with its beautiful open back and bow.

Our final stop was a shopping mall with a hidden gem on the top floor—a space designed for selfies but perfect for our theme. We made it work, and it turned out fabulous!

This shoot is here to inspire all you brides seeking a flawless, simple, and elegant wedding outfit. And guess what? These stunning pieces are made-to-measure right here in Montreal.

If you’re excited to see what magic we can create together, shoot me a message! Let’s make your bridal dreams come true! 💕

Photographer: Majolica Photo
Florist: Kerlidy
Designer: Maison Robelie
Model: Sandrine

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