European Porcelain Inspired Wedding at Café de l’horloge


Many of us love the architecture and vibe you can only find in Europe and as tempting it is to get married there, it is not always possible for various reasons. However, you don’t have to give up on your dream and can take a look at this wedding editorial inspired by the delicate beauty of european porcelain. The café de l’horloge sets the stage for a wedding that transcends time and transports guests to a world of timeless romance, glamour and sophistication.

This wedding editorial is proof you don’t have to travel to Europe to get the vibe you are looking for. 

The bride is resplendent wearing a blossoming voluminous off-the-shoulder wedding gown with floral organza by designer Lea-An Belter. Adorned with a headpiece by Olivia The Wolf, earrings by Jade Oi Studio, and the stunning, we all know so well, Bella Belle Shoes, the bride epitomizes classic elegance and grace. Beside her stands the groom, exuding sophistication in this blue paisley suit.

Every detail of this wedding editorial speaks to the theme of European porcelain. The cake, reminiscent of the intricate tiles found in Portugal or Spain, serves as a visual masterpiece. With its unique design and captivating allure, this cake elevates the reception. 

The ceremony, held by the water under a centennial maple tree, takes on a modern twist. Rather than the traditional setup, where chairs face the couple, they are arranged to face the other side, creating an intimate atmosphere where guests can connect not only with the newlyweds but also with their extended family. It’s a moment of shared joy and unity. 

For the reception, the festivities move onto the terrace, where the gentle melody of the nearby river serenades the guests, and the fresh outdoor air infuses every moment with vitality and joy.

Montreal is full of european alike gems like the café de l’horloge and if you look around you will probably find what you are looking for without having to move all your friends and family.

Discover the hidden vintage charm of Café de l’Horloge

Dream team
Planning: Majolica photo and le Café de l’Horloge 
Photographer: Majolica photo
Venue & styling: Le café de l’horloge 
Flowers: L’atelier de l’horloge 
Make-up: Catherine Laniel 
Hair: Tomoko H 
Suit: Maison Brümel  
Bridal Boutique: Ma chérie Bleue 
Earrings: Jade Oi Studio 
Headpiece: Olivia The Wolf
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes 
Gown designer: Lea-Ann Belter Bridal 
Stationery: Paper Me Pretty Stationery
Cake: Henriette desserts 

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